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Harvard University Police Department
 Bicycle Registration

Sticker No:
Contact Information
First Name:
Last Name:
 HUID #:
 Phone: (999) 999-9999
Building Name:
Department Name:
Apt. / Room #:
Address Type:
Zip Code:
Bicycle Information
Bike # 1 Registration
Serial Number:
Bicycle Type:
Bike # 2 Registration
Make # 2:
Model #2:
Serial Number #2:
Speed # 2:
Color # 2:
Value # 2:
Bicycle Type # 2:
Bike # 3 Registration
Make # 3:
Model # 3:
Serial Number # 3:
Speed # 3:
Color # 3:
Value # 3:
Bicycle Type # 3:

Please take a moment to read the Bike cage usage agreement below. If you accept these terms, click the “I Agree button”, verify your signature and click the “Submit” Button.
  • Campus bicycle cages are available as a secured parking area for Harvard Longwood Campus faculty, staff and student bicycle commuters. Bicycle racks are available for visitors of the HLC.
  • No Storage of bicycles will be permitted. All stored and/or abandoned bicycles will be removed by Harvard Longwood Campus Security and put into storage.
  • Bicycles removed from the cages and other unauthorized areas will be confiscated and stored. Bicycles put into storage will be kept for a period of two months.
  • After a two month period Harvard Longwood Security will remove all unclaimed bicycles from storage and donate them to a charitable organization.
  • If you think your bicycle has been confiscated please contact Harvard Longwood Security at 617-432-1379.
  • Harvard Medical School will not be responsible for bicycles so donated.
  • Harvard University assumes no responsibility for damages to any Bicycle or contents by reason of fire, theft, vandalism, or other causes, and I covenant not to sue for any damages if this application is granted.
  • Upon approval of your bike registration you will receive bike cage access on your Harvard id and a decal in the mail. Your decal should be place on your bicycle as shown on the diagram below.
  • Sticker Placement



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