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If you choose to pay by check, please send payment Payable to: Harvard University and addressed to:
Harvard Longwood Campus Commuter Services and Parking Office
Room # 132
180B Longwood Ave.
Boston, MA 02115
We will then mail you your sticker or you can stop by the parking office and pay in person and we will issue you your sticker.
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Harvard University assumes no responsibility for damages to any vehicle or contents by reason of fire, theft, vandalism, or other causes, and I covenant not to sue for any damages if this application is granted. I agree to observe parking regulations as from time to time are in force: to pay any amounts due to the University such as fines or expenses for violation of such regulations by vehicles owned or operated by me.

I understand that, except as set forth in the next succeeding paragraph, Harvard University shall not be responsible for such damages. I agree to observe all parking regulations in effect from time to time and to promptly pay any and all fees, fines, or expenses imposed by the University with respect to violations of such regulations by me or others to whom I have provided permission to use my space.

I understand that any claims for damages from actions of Harvard or Standard Parking Corporation employees in valet parking of vehicles must be made in writing to the garage supervisor prior to exiting the garage or leaving the surface lot and are otherwise waived. All parkers must report of damages: claim for damages, dents, breakage, theft, etc. on vehicle before leaving the garage or lot.

How to gain entrance to the garage: When entering or exiting the garage please slowly approach the gate, stop at the gate, reach out the drivers window and slide your access card through the card reader. When the green light appears on the reader the gate arm will raise and you may proceed forward. If the gate does not rise, please step out of your vehicle use the house phone located by the reader and dial 2-1379 for assistance.

I understand that Harvard reserves the right to grant or deny this application and that no parking privileges are granted until Harvard has accepted the application and issued a parking sticker. Upon the issuance of such sticker, I shall be bound hereunder.

Quad Garage Parkers: I understand that Harvard may revoke my parking space if any of the vehicles I’ve listed on this parking application is an suv, truck, minivan, crossover, or have height, width or weight limitations. An attempt will be made to relocate my parking location if another space is available.

After hour parking is available from 5:00 P.M. to 5:00 A.M. on weekdays, all day Saturday and Sunday, and any Harvard Holidays in the garage chosen at the time of registration. After hour decals are no longer valid in any of the surface lots.

Monthly Harvard Medical School Garage

Room 132
180B Longwood Avenue
Boston, MA 02215


1. Parking Rights. The purchase of a Parking Permit grants the Monthly Card Holder a license to park on the Harvard Longwood Campus Property, conditioned on the timely payment of parking fees, and compliance with these Rules and Regulations, as amended from time to time. The Monthly Card Holder may cancel parking privileges at least fifteen (15) days prior written notice to Harvard. Harvard reserves the right to cancel parking privileges at any time, although Harvard will endeavor to provide at least thirty (30) days prior written notice of cancellation except in the case of (i) circumstances beyond Harvard's control, or (ii) the Monthly Card Holder's failure to pay amounts when due or other violation of these Rules and Regulations.

2. Non-Assign ability. Parking privileges may not be transferred.

3. Monthly Cardholder Application. The Monthly Card Holder must complete and deliver to Harvard a "Monthly Card Holder Application" (copy on reverse) to obtain parking privileges. If the information supplied should change, or if Harvard should modify the Monthly Card Holder Application, the Monthly Card Holder must promptly submit a new Monthly Card Holder Application.

4. Monthly Card. A card allowing access to and from the Garage will be issued upon the applicant's (i) submission of a completed Monthly Card Holder Application, and (ii) payment of the initial monthly parking fee or permission to deduct from their payroll. The Monthly Card may be used only in accordance with these Rules and Regulations, and at all times remains the property of Harvard.

5. Monthly Parking Fees. Monthly parking fees are established by Harvard and are subject to change (Harvard will give Monthly Card Holders as much advance notice of change as is practicable). Monthly parking fees cannot be prorated or otherwise adjusted for periods during which the Monthly Cardholder does not use parking privileges. The monthly parking fee must be paid by payroll deduction, check, or term bill charge.

6. Use of the Garage. Harvard may establish and distribute operating rules relating to proper use of the Garage. A Monthly Card Holder must comply with such operating rules, these Rules and Regulations and other applicable laws and regulations, and shall follow safe driving practices at all times while in the Garage.

7. No Storage, Abandonment. The Garage may not be used for storage of vehicles or other equipment. Any vehicle or equipment remaining in the Garage for more than fourteen (14) calendar days shall be deemed abandoned and may be removed from the Garage (Harvard will endeavor, but is not required, to send notification to the Monthly Card Holder at the current billing address five (5) days before removal), in which event Harvard shall not have any liability to any person for loss or damage on account of such removal. All costs incurred in removing and storing any such abandoned vehicle or equipment shall be reimbursed by the Monthly Card Holder upon being billed therefore by Harvard.

8. Default. If the Monthly Card Holder (i) fails to pay any monthly parking fee when due, (ii) fails to pay any additional charge imposed under these Rules and Regulations within ten (10) days after being billed therefore, or (iii) violates these Rules and Regulations in any other respect and fails to cure such violation within any cure period reasonably designated by Harvard (it being understood that no cure period will be afforded in the case of repeated or egregious violations), Harvard may immediately suspend all parking privileges and deactivate the Monthly Card.

9. No Liability of Harvard. Payment of the applicable monthly parking fee grants the Monthly Card Holder a license to park only, and no bailment is intended or shall be deemed created. To the fullest extent permitted by law neither Harvard Medical School, Harvard University nor their respective officers, directors, beneficiaries, agents, employees, successors and assigns, shall be responsible or liable to any extent for (i) damage to or theft of any vehicle or its contents due to fire, collision, vandalism or any other cause, (ii) injuries or liabilities suffered by any person while using the Garage; or (iii) any losses or other damages incurred by any party by reason of that party's inability to use the Garage.

I certify that I have read and understand the above listed rules and regulations and agree to comply with the foregoing.

This application is not valid unless it is dated and signed (please type your full name for signature in the signature box below). It is only an application. No parking privileges are granted unless and until it is accepted and a sticker is issued. Upon issuance of a sticker, this application, subject to Harvard's Rule and Regulations governing such parking, shall be binding on the undersigned.

Saturday, October 10, 2015